About Me:

Over the years, fitness has become a staple in my life and has changed my life dramatically. My ultimate goal is to help others achieve their personal fitness goals. Let me help you achieve your fitness goals and optimize your progress by providing the necessities needed to yield REAL results.


The 8-week meal plan Hunter designed for me, allowed me to accomplish the goals I had set for myself. The experience was outstanding and I was provided the essential information needed in order to understand the difficulties of dieting. I would recommend Hunter Cathey to anyone who is wanting to better themselves and reach new levels of fitness.

Javi Jurado

Hunter did a great job in creating my 6-week meal plan, that allowed myself to achieve my fitness goals. I really didn't know what I was doing in terms of dieting but the knowledge provided helped me understand the dieting process in order to reach my goals. His meal plan program has provided me with dieting knowledge that I'll be able to use for a lifetime. Need help with achieving your fitness goals? Hunter Cathey is your guy!

Jackie Villalobos

Hunter developed a 6-week meal plan for me at a time when I really needed it. I came to him after hitting a low point in my life with the desire to get back into shape and put on some weight. The well-designed and easy to follow plan helped to accomplish those goals. Not only was I able to put on the much needed weight and muscle, my body as a whole feels better than it ever has before. I would recommend Hunter Cathey to anyone looking to reach any type of fitness goal.

Damon Dzik