About Me: The Vision

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About Me: The Vision

       Growing up I struggled with weight problems, which led to constant ridicule, leading me to constantly search for a solution and inevitably decide to make a change for the better. I set out on a mission to make a complete lifestyle change, and my first plan of action was to educate myself with everything pertaining to fitness. This mission was no easy task by any means, and no one really understood what I had in mind for my future, but I remained patient and put my trust in the process. I took bits and pieces of what other individuals had done and was able to formulate my own style of training, which enabled me to maximize my results. This lifestyle change didn’t come easily nor in a timely fashion, but I remained determined and the results slowly became evident. Due to the lifestyle change I decided to make, I have drastically improved the quality of my life and I believe others deserve to reap the same rewards that I have.

            In the midst of this lifestyle change, I was blessed with the opportunity of playing collegiate football; I accredit my decision to make a lifestyle change for providing this opportunity. Playing football consisted of lifting weights and high intensity workouts, so a large part of my life revolved around constantly training. I had to make a tough decision and quit playing football at the collegiate level, thus I began to channel my focus towards my studies and educating myself with everything pertaining to fitness. The work ethic and raw desire to train I developed while playing football lingered and left me hungry for more. This hunger and drive brought on from playing football also allowed me to continue to train at a high level and this molded my daily habits. Over time, I was able to acquire a great deal of knowledge pertaining, and I began to realize how far this knowledge could take me.  Based off of my personal progress, I knew I would be able to help people achieve their own personal fitness goals. As soon as I decided I wanted to help others in their own journeys, I knew some work needed to be done in order to make the dream of helping others achieve their fitness goals become a reality.

            During my pursuit of a healthier lifestyle, I realized how hard achieving this goal truly can be. This process took months of trial and error until I was finally able to understand how to manipulate the body into doing what I specifically wanted it to do. Without guidance and countless hours of research, obtaining the knowledge needed to achieve a personal fitness goal can be very difficult for an individual. Throughout my journey, I came to realize that in order to yield real results, persistence and consistency must be evident within the individual. I implemented many styles of training into my routines, and by using this approach I’ve been able to develop real world experience and feedback regarding the most efficient ways to go about achieving a personal fitness goal. My experiences, hardships, and education have provided me with the tools needed to help guide an individual in order to reach their fitness goal.

            Overall, my vision is to educate individuals and bring actual research based science back into a flooded industry consumed with “bro science”. Many individuals in the fitness industry don’t reveal to people how they actually achieved their level of fitness, and focus on profitability instead of meeting the actual needs of each individual. I want to implement science in order to help individuals understand “why and how” the body reacts to certain things positively and negatively. I want to provide a different perspective for individuals looking to educate themselves and make a lifestyle change by implementing my own experiences in order to bring a sense of familiarity in relation to fitness. I aim to arm individuals with the information needed to make a lifestyle change and to acquire longevity in order to live out a healthier and better life. With this ideology, I will be providing insight on various topics in the fitness industry via scientific research and my own experiences.

             The hardships brought upon us as individuals help mold us into the person we are destined to be. Work tirelessly to achieve the dreams and goals you have set for yourself; enjoy the journey and witness your quality of life improve before your eyes.